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Continued Education & Training!

All of our security guards, once hired, will attend an intensive training session to ensure that they are physically and mentally prepared to perform their duties. They will be offered at least 24 hours of on-site training to assess their suitability and qualifications before being stationed on the site they are assigned to work at. In addition, staff can participate in our on-going training seminars. The training seminars are mandatory for all of our security guards including our leadership team to participate in. We ensure that all of our security guards are highly trained and educated on the fundamentals of the security industry. Our training is guaranteed in our contract and our clients are always welcome to participate free of charge!

Head Security Instructor

Our current Head Instructor Jonathan Shau is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor & Certified Self Defense Instructor in various Martial Arts Disciplines. As a Senior Law Enforcement Officer, he currently teaches professionalism, Code of Conduct, Ethics, & Self Defense to not only public servants in the Law Enforcement Community, but to our Security Team as well.

Security First Aid Trainer

First Aid Trainer

Our First Aid and CPR training is sub-contracted to an experienced, well trained instructor by the name of Mark. We have had the privilege of working with Mark, who is a current Paramedic for the Toronto Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and is a Certified First Aid Instructor by the City of Toronto. Mark provides theory and practical training in medical emergency situations to our security staff and in our opinion, provides the very best first aid and CPR training.

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Phone: 1-855-946-4709

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Security Course Topics

  • First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Incident and Report Writing
  • Leadership Training & Development Seminar
  • Physical Self Defense & Use of Force (only used as a last resort)
  • Security Industry Laws and Legislation
  • Tactical Communication (as a tool for diffusing conflicts)
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